Orthopedic Imaging Capabilities


Open MRI Solutions offers the best of all imaging modalities because offers the best of all imaging modalities because of its superior contrast differentiation between muscle, fat, vessels, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, cortical bone and marrow bone space.

MRI displays excellent delineation of soft tissue and bony tumors and is extremely useful in detecting avascular necrosis of bone, particularly of the hip.

High-resolution knee imaging techniques provide unparalleled detail of the menisci and ligaments.

MR Imaging is very well suited for the evaluation of ligaments, muscle and bony abnormalities of the shoulder without the need for painful invasive procedures. MRI demonstrates similar advantages when imaging other complex anatomical structures such as the elbow, wrist, foot and ankle due to its multiplanar imaging capability, its sensitivity to soft tissue and bone disease processes and its ability to identify dislocations and fractures.

A: A Driven Equilibrium 2D Fast Spin Echo sequence was used to obtain this ankle image. High thin slice (3mm) image quality was achieved in less than 5 minutes.

B: The enhanced contrast in the joint space and the overall diagnostic quality of this coronal shoulder image is provided by the A IRIS II FatsepT pulse sequence and MTC (Magnetization Transfer Contrast) radiofrequency pulse.


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