Vascular Imaging Capabilities


Facial/Neck MRl is also very effective in imaging other parts of the body. Superb soft tissue detail consistently demonstrated by MRI allows for enhanced evaluation of facial and neck structures. Presurgical and preradiation treatment planning and follow-up are enhanced by MRl‘s ability to delineate anatomical boundaries. In addition, it is easy to determine the characteristics of lesions in the face and neck area. MRI also excels in the ability to determine vascular from nonvascular anatomy without the risk associated with iodinated contrast agent use.


MRI of the liver offers unmatched sensitivity to pathology compared to CT in the detection of primary and metastatic Iiver tumors. MRI of the pelvis and genitourinary system offers the advantages of improved soft tissue discrimination and absence of bone artifacts. Also, MRI provides for safe imaging of the reproductive region of adults as well as children without the use of ionizing radiation. Abdominal MR has been improved to provide faster imaging techniques, allowing imaging within a single breath hold. MRI also provides high resolution imaging capability of the adrenals, kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen for diagnosis of tumors, infections and other vascular anomalies.